• ** 5 inci ver 1.4

    Date: 03.05.2011 by Murat Sudan

    DUYURU – 28.04.2011
    Ver 1.4
    Guncellenmis 1.4 versiyonu AppStore dan indirebilirsiniz. Bu versiyonda,

    Ezan Bildirimleri eklendi
    Fast-App switching destegi
    Retina Display imajlar
    Kucuk hatalar giderildi
    2011 Dini gunler eklendi

    ——————- 000 ————————–
    DUYURU – 19.07.2010
    Diyanet’in web sitesindeki problem [...]

  • MP3 2 Ringtone GOLD v1.2

    Date: 22.01.2011 by Murat Sudan

    Convert MP3s in your iPod library 2 Ringtones (UPDATED TO 1.2)!!!
    01.01.2011 – UPDATED
    with version 1.2,
    * Record your voice and make it ringtone.
    - Record and save your voice, music with microphone.
    - [...]

  • mp3 2 ringtone gold Choose your language

    Date: 09.01.2011 by Murat Sudan

    Choose your language

  • File Sharing – Choose your language

    Date: 10.09.2010 by Murat Sudan

    Choose your language

  • MP3 2 Ringtone GOLD

    Date: 07.09.2010 by Murat Sudan

    Convert MP3s in your iPod library 2 Ringtones (UPDATED TO 1.1)!!!
    30.09.2010 – UPDATED
    on new update:
    * Now, Application supports not only MP3 format but also M4A, AIF, and WAV formats.
    * You [...]

  • Facebook Chat Pro

    Date: 26.08.2010 by Murat Sudan

    A real facebook chat client with many features has just arrived the AppStore!!!
    Facebook Chat Pro is [...]

  • Playlist Creator HD

    Date: 18.08.2010 by Murat Sudan

    ♫ Playlist Creator HD ♫    (With winamp like visualations)
    A Must Have Application For iPad Users
    We offer you a big feature for your iPad playlists that iPad can NOT do.
    With [...]

  • Flashlight Hero

    Date: 29.07.2010 by Murat Sudan

    This application uses iPhone 4 LED light to lighten your way.In addition to other flashlight apps, this app “Flashlight Hero” has good features which are,
    + it can show how much [...]

  • Facebook Video Player For iPad

    Date: 05.04.2010 by Murat Sudan

    *** Now, Facebook videos can be watched also on your iPad. ***
    So easy to use, – Do NOT tap on video screen, tap on “Video link” near the video screen.
    Kemal [...]

  • Flash Photo v1.5 updated

    Date: 05.04.2010 by Murat Sudan Tags: , ,

    Sometimes, photos taken with the iphone camera can be dark because of lacking of builtin flash.
    At this time, “Flash Photo” saves your life as [...]

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